Here’s a single shot film experiment made in Soller, Majorca. The film captures the tram journey from the Port de Sóller travelling around the bay and into the town of Sóller.

The playback speed of the recorded footage was increased 400%, with the recorded sound transformed into an ambient soundscape using reverb and delay, building to a crescendo.

I spent a lot of time travelling between Bedford and Cambridge whilst completing my MSc at Anglia Ruskin University. Most of the time this was using the X5 coach. Sometimes I spent this time making music on my laptop, sometimes just looking at the landscape.

This video captures the journey from both sides of the coach, recorded on separate days using the onboard camera of an iPad. The video was then assembled using Adobe Premier with a soundtrack created using Ableton Live.

Dungeness is an extreme landscape on the south coast of England. Part nature reserve, part fishing community, and home to a steam railway and a nuclear power station. I’ve wanted to visit for years, and to use footage of the area in a film.

The film aims to explore the juxtaposition of environments at Dungeness, showing different usages of land, and the effect of man in a desolate natural environment. It originated as coursework for my MSc in Audio & Video Technology at Anglia Ruskin University, and was edited using Adobe Premiere, with the audio produced using Logic Pro.

So fast forward to a blustery, snowy and freezing cold April and I find myself there with my camera. What you see here is the result. I hope I have captured the mood of this barren, isolated, and intriguing landscape…