Dungeness is an extreme landscape on the south coast of England. Part nature reserve, part fishing community, and home to a steam railway and a nuclear power station. I’ve wanted to visit for years, and to use footage of the area in a film.

The film aims to explore the juxtaposition of environments at Dungeness, showing different usages of land, and the effect of man in a desolate natural environment. It originated as coursework for my MSc in Audio & Video Technology at Anglia Ruskin University, and was edited using Adobe Premiere, with the audio produced using Logic Pro.

So fast forward to a blustery, snowy and freezing cold April and I find myself there with my camera. What you see here is the result. I hope I have captured the mood of this barren, isolated, and intriguing landscape…

  • YEAR 2013
  • WE DID Sound Design / Music / Video Production
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