Etcetera Theatre was brimming with excitement on 9th – 14th September 2003 as SNAPSHOTS, New London Summit’s second production, took place. Snapshots features two plays written by Stuart Mackie, SCREAM LITTLE SUNDAY and a re-working of THE TRIO OF MONTAGUE, along with STRICKEN, a film by Half Cut, who were runners up in the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, in an exciting combination of new theatre and film blended with an original music score composed by Matthew Greasley.

Scream Little Sunday…looks into the mind of a man on the brink of suicide and the events running up to his situation through the use of two insects trapped in a sink.
Man : Stuart Mackie
Insect 1 : Samantha Eden
Insect 2 : Kayode Leoni

Stricken…is an Edwardian set black comedy about a couple so stricken with grief that they are literally stuck together and unable to move.
Father : Ben Miller
Mother : Suzannah Doyle
Maid : Emma Pierson

The Trio of Montague…is set against a dystopian backdrop and looks at the ugly truths we all hide behind our rather beautiful facades.
Citrus : Kayode Leoni
Paddy the Dog : Richard Mazda
Jazz McRae : Stuart Mackie
Knackered Mae : Samantha Eden

From the 6th – 9th March 2002, Soho Theatre in London played host to New London Summit’s debut performance TRINITY. The first three nights featured LAST BREATH OF AN ANGEL and THE TRIO OF MONTAGUE, two new plays by Stuart Mackie, and a short film, THE REVELATION, by Half Cut, all linked together by an original soundtrack from composer Matthew Greasley’s RESONANCE. The audience at the closing night were entertained with a live gig by Resonance, proving they’re more than just script scorers, and a reading of the forthcoming play SCREAM LITTLE SUNDAY.

Last Breath of Angel…explores a man’s obsession to fulfil his quest for happiness and companionship, only to effectuate the ultimate sacrifice.
Written and performed by Stuart Mackie

The Revelation…traces the build-up to the Apocalypse, as seen through the eyes of a homeless recluse.
Man : Lionel Blair
Angel of Death : Jaqueline Headlem

The Trio of Montague…takes a look at our own moral or legal conduct and the façade behind which we hide it.
Pang Slim : Steve McGovern
Jazz Harlem : Stuart Mackie

Vocals : Karen-Anna
Keyboards/Programming : Matthew Greasley
Guitar : Ben Holmes
Bass/Flute : Jake Briggs