Hello, thanks for dropping by…

I created this site to bring together some of my music, video and audio-visual work created over the years, and to showcase my current and future offerings. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy some of the work here as much as I enjoyed making it!

I’m a musician, sound designer and audio-visual artist. I discovered the possibilities of electronic music experimenting with studio techniques and vintage synthesisers. Through influences ranging from Stockhausen, Kraftwerk to The Orb, I have developed my own sound using a wide palette of sounds and techniques exploring ambient and beat-driven sounds.

I first began exploring music through playing the electronic organ as a youngster. This interest developed through playing in rock bands as a teenager before discovering the possibilities of using the recording studio as a tool for creating his own music. More recently I’ve embraced VJ’ing and audio-visual programming, to entertain audiences both in a live environment as well as through developing interactive web applications.

When I find the time, I also run the electronic music blog electronica.org.uk, which features reviews, technology articles, and Spotify playlists. You can follow my Spotify profile here.