8mm video

Visit to Holland 1964

Visit to Holland 1964

Before Easyjet and Ryanair flying was fun, and much more adventurous. A trip to the tulip fields of Amsterdam would have been verging on exotic to most people in the UK!

This film captures a trip to Holland in 1964. The footage shows Golden Viscount, a Channel Airways plane flying from Southend, probably to Rotterdam. We continue with a visit to tulip fields, shots of traditional Dutch dancing, The Madurodam model village and a trip on the canals in Amsterdam. My Nan used to go on trips like these (mostly for the duty free fags)…

The video is unedited, the music track mostly written in Ableton Live. I purposefully went for a very mellow, laidback feel with a sparse production. Let the music flow…

A little background to my 8mm Film Project

Whilst taking a look around Castle Road Bargain Alley, a local aladdin’s cave, I noticed a shoebox on the floor. Curiosity got the better of me so I took a closer look. Inside were a collection of 8mm home movies from the 1960’s. I was intrigued by the titles, so bought them and had the footage processed. I’ve begun to utilise this found footage as a visual source and inspiration for my music.

Some of these are heavily processed and almost music video in style. Some of them have light editing and FX in order to add some style and motion to the footage, and some of them are untouched, and used simply and inspiration for music.

This cinefilm was digitised by Cinenostalgia.